Update: The Court Denied the Virginia Board of Medicine’s Motion to Dismiss Our Antitrust Case

I recently reported on my client’s antitrust case against the Virginia Board of Medicine. I also mentioned that I argued at the motion-to-dismiss hearing on March 28. I am excited to announce that we received the Court’s decision today rejecting the Board’s Motion to Dismiss.

If you are interested in the case, you can download the complaint and motion to dismiss documents below.

1. Amended Complaint

2. Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss.

3. Plaintiff’s Opposition to Motion to Dismiss.

4. Defendants’ Reply Brief

5. The Court’s Order Rejecting Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss.


Disclaimer: Unfortunately, some state-bar associations take the position that people that read materials created by attorneys are fools that assume that if an attorney mentions any sort of success, then success in all aspects of every case is guaranteed. That sort of position actually makes the writings of lawyers less accessible to the public because they are filled with unnecessary disclaimers like this. But it is exactly the sort of position that you would expect an organization of lawyers to take, I suppose. Anyway, I doubt that my audience contains too many fools, but for the sake of “protecting the public,” please keep in mind that this initial decision on an early motion in no way means that success is guaranteed or more likely in any other case, as facts, laws, and results can and do vary. And if you thought otherwise before reading this disclaimer, then I highly recommend that you ask for assistance if you ever need to hire an attorney, or a doctor, or an accountant, or a limo driver, or anyone else.


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