I Started An Antitrust Blog

Welcome. My name is Jarod Bona and this is my new antitrust blog—The Antitrust Attorney Blog. My antitrust and competition practice is global, but I am fortunate to live in Sunny San Diego with my wonderful wife and son. If you’ve never been to San Diego, I highly recommend it.

I am starting this blog to participate in the “market-place of ideas,” primarily on antitrust and competition issues. But I will probably dabble in other areas too, as—like most antitrust lawyers—I do more than just antitrust. Indeed, after my clerkship, I started my career as an appellate attorney in Washington, DC, and I continue to litigate non-antitrust cases in both appellate and trial courts.

I graduated from Harvard Law School in 2001, then clerked in Minneapolis for Judge James B. Loken of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. I then joined the Appellate and Constitutional Law Group of Gibson Dunn in Washington, DC before moving to California and eventually DLA Piper. I also spent several years in DLA Piper’s Minneapolis office. Update: I now work for my own law firm–Bona Law PC.

Nothing that appears on this blog is legal advice. Don’t rely on it for particular issues. Call a great attorney.

With the annoying disclaimers out of the way, my great hope is that this blog will be useful for those of you that are either interested in antitrust issues or find yourself dealing with them. In fact, sometimes you might not even realize you have an antitrust issue until it is too late.

Just as importantly, sometimes you might not realize that you have an antitrust solution. I have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in antitrust cases. When you have a dispute with a competitor, for example, a basic understanding of antitrust will help you determine whether there are sufficient facts to call an antitrust attorney.

For that reason, I hope that those of you that aren’t antitrust lawyers or economists stop by. I will do my best to make it worthwhile, as everyone’s time is valuable.

Antitrust and competition law is tricky, contradictory, and confusing. It also changes often. I suppose that is why I like it so much; it is challenging. Perhaps this blog can shine some light on it, and—at least in a small way—help antitrust develop in a direction that protects rather than harms competition. Sometimes the difference is a fine line.

As for me, I love it. I spend a lot of time thinking about competition issues, and publish as much as I can. Most of my articles are available here and here. I keep up on competition law developments—and there are many, as the practice is now global. Sometimes a development is worthy of a full article—law review, legal newspaper, or another form. But there are many instances where the issue doesn’t justify a full article, or where I don’t have time to get one out quickly.

This blog provides me with an opportunity to comment, in a less formal structure. I am excited about it.

This is my first blog, so I will experiment and learn as I go. But I’d love to hear feedback. You can contact me through the form of the sidebar, if you have any comments or questions. Please tell your friends. You can also follow me on twitter.

And by the way, we are still working on the design and layout—so don’t let that distract you.

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